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Mad Hatter OG Canadian THC gummy edibles

Take a Bite, and let the Mind-Altering Drugs™ take over.


You asked. We delivered. MAD Hatter OG is here with a new Mind-Altering Drug™ of choice, to uplift your edible experience with more rapid onset THC per pack. Get ready for Delta-8 THC.   

MAD Hatter OG is your go-to for small-batch, Canadian craft, edibles. We’re focused on delivering high quality, high dosage rapid onset gummies, with flavours so bold they’ll bring your tastebuds to the edge of MADness.

Mad Hatter OG Canadian cannabis gummy edibles

Introducing the MAD Hatter OG™.

  • High dose Delta-8 THC multi-packs
  • Kicks in quick
  • Nothing artificial – Just the good $#!t, no bull$#!t
  • 100% vegan & gluten free
  • F#^k*n’ delicious
Mad Hatter OG gummy edibles are hand crafted in Canada

What is Delta-8 THC?

Here are the basics:

  • It’s psychoactive
  • Delta-9 THC’s cousin
  • Helps you kick it into high gear

Wanna know more?

Mad Hatter OG Canadian gummy edibles

EAT ME Technology™

EAT ME Technology ™ means rapid onset and consistent dosing every time. 

Mad Hatter OG, small-batch, Canadian crafted, high-potency, gummy edibles

It’s all in your head

We’ve got up to 100mg Delta-8 THC in a pack. So, gear up for a high quality, quality high.