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EAT Me Technology™

Work hard. Play harder. EAT ME Technology™ is our MVP, a plant-based, all-natural, high-ly effective emulsion that lets the good times roll in fast.

EAT ME Technology™ is:

  • Rapid Onset
  • Increased bioavailability
  • Plant-based
  • Delicious AF

That’s cool, but what does it mean?

rapid onset gummy edibles from Mad Hatter OG with EAT ME technology

Rapid Onset

Is it working?

Am I feeling it?

How long has it been?

If you’re asking yourself these questions, you’re missing out. Let’s face it, waiting sucks. MAD Hatter OG kicks waiting to the curb with our rapid onset EAT ME Technology™.

rapid onset bioavailability gummy edibles

Increased Bioavailability

You want it to work fast, and we’re on it. EAT ME Technology™ breaks down the cannabinoids into smaller drops so your body easily absorbs the good stuff, quickly, every time.

Long story short: Less work, more play.   

rapid onset gummy edibles from Mad Hatter OG

Consistent Dosing

Cannabis: It’s a flower. It’s a diamond. It’s an oil. Cannabis is many things, but it ain’t water soluble. If you want it to work properly and consistently, then you need to give it some love and attention. EAT ME Technology™ gives you dosing you can count on, by blending the cannabinoids evenly into every bite.  

rapid onset gummy edibles with EAT ME technology from Mad Hatter OG


Since oil and water don’t mix, emulsions are key to hold things together. For EAT ME Technology™ the rules of engagement are simple: if it doesn’t come from a plant, it doesn’t go into our gummies. We’re keeping things easy, and all-natural.

rapid onset gummy edibles with EAT ME technology

Delicious AF

Damn that tastes good! Forget the bitter, herbal after taste you’ve experienced with other edibles, EAT ME Technology™ tunes out weird flavours left behind, and gives you just a great tasting edible.

On the level, these gummies are freaking amazing.

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